Compensación para Trabajadores

Las lesiones laborales pueden ser difíciles para usted y su familia.

Nosotros entendemos lo incierto que puede ser para uno y la familia de uno cuando uno sufre una lesión en el trabajo. La lesión y el sueldo perdido no más son el principio. El papeleo es confuso y es frustrante cuando uno no recibe los beneficios que la ley de Oregon requiere. Usted necesita un abogado de compensación para trabajadores experimentado para asegurar que usted y su familia estén cuidados y que nadie se aproveche—aun si su reclamo ha sido rechazado.

Estamos aquí para protegerlo contra la aseguradora.

En Hollander Lebenbaum & Patrick, hacemos la presentación de un reclamo de compensación para trabajadores más fácil y menos estresante. Con nosotros a su lado para guiarlo durante todo el proceso, usted puede sentirse seguro que está recibiendo todos los beneficios y compensación que usted merece.

Nosotros buscamos todas las clases de beneficios de compensación para trabajadores para sus circunstancias únicas:

  • Médico
  • Pago por tiempo perdido y por sueldo perdido
  • Beneficios de incapacidad permanente
  • Rehabilitación Vocacional
  • Beneficios por muerte

No se le cobra un honorario de abogados sin que ganemos o resolvamos su caso.

Nunca cobramos por consultas legales de compensación para trabajadores y usted nunca nos paga directamente por ningún honorario de abogados. Además nunca tiene que pagar ningún porcentaje de sus beneficios a nosotros que la aseguradora paga voluntariamente. La aseguradora paga a su abogado si usted recibe compensación o beneficios que la aseguradora se negó a pagar voluntariamente. En la mayoría de los casos, los honorarios son separados del beneficio o compensación que se le paga a usted.

Accesible y confiable

Nuestros abogados de compensación para trabajadores estarán con usted durante todo el proceso, desde la entrevista inicial, contestando sus llamadas, completando el trámite y papeleo, hasta litigando y llegando a un acuerdo en su reclamo.

A diferencia de los bufetes de abogados común y corrientes, en Hollander Lebenbaum & Patrick, su abogado de compensación para trabajadores siempre está disponible y le dará noticias acerca de su reclamo consistentemente. Hasta descubrirá que nosotros mismos contestamos el teléfono lo más que podemos. ¡Llámenos hoy!


A workers’ compensation claim is a long process to deliver specific benefits to you for conditions that the insurance company accepts as part of your claim. The insurance company should pay for your medical expenses and wage loss while you cannot work. But the workers’ compensation system is so complicated, you need an advocate who is looking out for your interests, not the insurance company’s.

These benefits are:

  1. Time loss (wage replacement) during your recovery, for all times your doctor takes you off of work, or restricts your ability to work and your employer does not give you light duty work.
  2. Medical treatment recommended by your doctor to help you recover from your injuries.
  3. Compensation for permanent impairment if you are not 100% recovered after your treatment is complete.
  4. Vocational retraining, if your permanent impairment prevents you from returning to your regular job, the insurer may pay to send you to school to learn something new.
  5. Benefits to your family if you die because of a work injury.
Claim Process

Workers’ compensation insurance covers you for injuries you suffer on the job, including injuries that happen suddenly in one moment and those that gradually happen over time.

  1. If you think you have an injury, you should report it right away to your employer and go to a doctor. You can file a claim through your employer or your doctor. The employer cannot require you to see a specific doctor and cannot discourage you from filing a claim.
  2. Once you file a claim, the insurer has 60 days to investigate the claim and decide whether to accept or deny the claim. During the investigation, you have to cooperate with the insurer’s requests, meaning completing forms, giving a recorded statement, and maybe going to a medical exam the insurer schedules.
    a. During this investigation time, you may receive wage replacement benefits (called time loss or temporary disability) if a doctor takes you off work, or restricts your ability to work and your employer does not have a light duty job for you.
    b. Generally, the insurer does not pay medical benefits while it is investigating.
  3. If the insurer denies your claim, you must appeal and ask for a hearing within 60 days of the denial date. The hearing will be scheduled within 90 days from the date you appeal. You will not receive any more benefits unless you win at hearing or settle with the insurer. It is complicated to prove a denied claim, because you need both your testimony about what happened, and a very technical opinion from a doctor that explains how the injury caused your medical conditions. It is almost impossible for a claimant to win a hearing without an attorney.
  4. If the insurer accepts your claim, you will receive all benefits of the workers’ compensation system for the accepted conditions. The insurer will keep paying time loss and medical benefits during your recovery. Your doctor (called your “Attending Physician”) is in charge of all referrals to medical treatment and whether you can work regular or light duty. You need a medical doctor; nurse practitioners or chiropractors can be your Attending Physician only for a limited time. Generally, you get to choose your own doctor, but the insurer can require you to select a doctor from their lists (called a “Managed Care Organization” or “MCO”).
  5. If your doctor thinks that you have additional medical conditions from the work injury other than what the insurer accepts, you can ask in writing for the insurer to accept the additional conditions. Then the insurer has another 60 days or accept or deny those additional conditions. If they are denied, you need to appeal and request a hearing, but the insurer will still provide benefits for the accepted conditions.
  6. At some point in your claim, your doctor will declare you medically stationary, which means there is no more treatment or time that will improve your accepted conditions. It does not necessarily mean you are 100% better. Unfortunately, medicine cannot always cure all symptoms and people often still have pain or limitations at the end of the claim. When you are medically stationary, the insurer will close your claim and evaluate you for permanent impairment, which is compensation paid to you for losses like range of motion, strength, and ability to use repetitively the injured body part. Some surgeries also result in compensation at this time.
  7. If the doctor releases you to return to regular work, the employer has to offer you your job back, subject to some limitations. But if you have permanent impairment that prevents you from returning to your regular job, the employer can offer you a permanent light duty job or the insurer evaluates you for vocational benefits, where they may send you to school to learn a new profession and pay you time loss while you are in school.
  8. After the claim is closed, you may be able to get palliative care, which is treatment to help with symptoms from an injury with permanent impairment and to help you keep working. The doctor must ask for pre-authorization for this treatment. You can also have the claim reopened if your actual condition is worse. The only way to reopen a claim is for a doctor to sign a form requesting reopening, so if you think your condition is worse after closure you should go to a doctor, and then call us.
How We Can Help

Some of the ways that we help you through the claim process are:

  1. Continually reviewing your claim to ensure you are receiving all the benefits and treatment you deserve.
  2. Working with your doctors to make sure you are getting all of the treatment you should.
  3. Explaining all of the paperwork you will receive from the insurance company and communicating with them on your behalf so you do not have to talk to them.
  4. Settling all or part of your workers’ compensation when that is the best choice for you.
  5. If your employer discriminates against you or fires you because of your claim, we can also help you pursue a claim against the employer.
  6. In some cases, you might also have an additional claim against a third party, if a person or company other than your employer caused your injury.
  7. While each case is different, our focus is always on you. We will work to obtain the maximum benefits and compensation to help you and your family through the injury so you can return to normal life.

At Hollander, Lebenbaum & Gannicott, we are here to help you with your claim, no matter where you are in the process. If you think you need an attorney or you just have questions about the claim process, give us a call!

Philip Lebenbaum helped me above and beyond his duties. I CAN NOT recommend him enough. He is a man I would want by my side when times are tough.

– David P.

Ms. Patrick helped me through the whole ordeal of a claim, and helped me to move on and finally have closure. She took care of my issue so quickly, and had full integrity to listen to me in what I needed from the situation and to help me achieve that goal. I think a very small margin of attorneys would have actually done that.

– Brittney M.

Mr. Lebenbaum was always just a phone call away and went out of his way to make sure we obtained all the information we needed. He really went to bat for us and he will for you as well.

– Sam W.

Ms. Patrick provided valuable information to my son with respect to pursuing a WC claim. He intends to work more closely with her once the paperwork is completed. Additionally, she provided referrals to employment attorneys.

I really appreciated Ms. Patrick’s patience, care, and compassion when I came to her with my mess of a case. Her time and attention made all the difference for me.

– Michelle C

Nuestros Abogados y Abogadas

Philip M. Lebenbaum


Durante 35 años, yo he representado orgullosamente a Oregonenses lesionados en el trabajo y en las autopistas. Mi experiencia me ha enseñado cómo obtener los beneficios que usted merece de las aseguradoras y—cuando se niegan—como litigar y luchar por esos beneficios.

Jovanna L. Patrick


Yo empodero a mis clientes, ayudándolos a entender el sistema legal y encontrar soluciones creativas a asuntos legales. Yo me hice abogada para darle voz a aquellos quienes de otra forma no tuvieran manera de corregir injusticias legales

Marlene R. Yesquen


Me siento honrada de ser abogada. Todos los días estoy agradecida por la capacidad que tengo para ayudar a otras personas entender el sistema de leyes de nuestro estado de Oregon. Lucho por los derechos de otros en nuestra comunidad cuando han estado dañados.

Gordon S. Gannicott


Me da orgullo poder entender las metas de mis clientes y proporcionarles servicios legales eficientes y exhaustivos para lograr esas metas. Trabajo duro para estar disponible y ser respetuoso a mis clientes. Cada cliente, caso, y reclamación es diferente y le invito a hablar sobre sus preguntas legales conmigo.

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